App Keys

App keys are used to authorize third-party applications.

By Volkan Ozyilmaz
January 27, 2021

Adding a new App Key and modifying existing ones

  1. To go to the App Keys page, click the App keys icon in the menu bar.

  2. To create a new App Key, click the "Add new App Key" button. To edit an existing App Key, click on its ID.

  3. This will open a pop-up box where you can modify:
    • The write permission setting for the respective app key
    • Whether the app key is active or not

Applications with write access

Typical examples of applications with write access are web apps. They request new licenses and need write authorization. Besides confirming if the serial number is correct, they can modify information, for example, the time of purchase.

Applications without write access

Typical examples of an applications without write access are desktop apps. They can only query the server to confirm that the serial number is correct.

The search bar allows you to search app keys by any term in the app key columns, by API key, or by app ID.

Best Practices

We suggest you create a read permission App Key for each application and a write permission App Key for each e-commerce store you have.

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