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Setting up your product

By Can Otsay
January 20, 2021

First you need to create your product.

  • Go to Products page.

  • Add a new product.

  • Type your product name, status and the number of devices on which it can be activated.

Second, you need to create an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

  • Go to the SKU page

  • Add a new SKU

  • Name your SKU, give it a unique number and set its status.

  • The next step is to associate products to your new SKU. Each SKU should have at least one product's version associated to it.

The last step before setting up your product for sale is to generate Licenses.

  • Go to the Licenses page.

  • Select the respective SKU and how many licenses you would like to generate.

  • Additionally you can also select a dealer if you sell your product through a third party.

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