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Distributing Licenses

By Volkan Ozyilmaz
January 20, 2021

There are three ways of distributing licenses:

Manual distribution

You can send the serial number to your customer manually. You need to set the Registered field to "True" manually in Licenses page of the admin panel for that license.

Note that if the license belongs to a dealer, you can't set the Registered field to "True".

API Based Distribution

If you use our Register end-point from your sales channel after a purchase, the Register end-point will response with a serial number to your sales channel. After that, your sales channel may show the license to your customer or email it.

Note that the Register end-point set the Registered field to "True" automatically.

API Based Automatic distribution

If you use our Register end-point but don't want to implement for showing or emailing the license to your customer, you can use our automatic email sending feature. You can set up your SKU for that.

Offline distribution

Offline distribution is only valid for Dealer licenses. If you generate licenses for a dealer, each of the licenses can't be set to "True".

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